Malachy Walsh
Copywriter | Creative Director

Salesforce1 Platform Story

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM for one very basic reason:
It’s a platform that offers both ready-made apps for sales, service, and marketing, as well as being a platform to build your own apps that help you do business.

Rebranding this platform as the Salesforce1 Platform (one, as in, unified), gave us an opportunity to explain the advantages of having that kind of engine to drive business.

The Platform product marketing team included Scott Holden, Jim Sinai, Dylan Steele, Peter Gaylord, Natalie Johnson, Laura Fagan, and Lisa Kant.

My creative partner was the amazing Marcio Garcia.

Salesforce1 Platform Story. I stitched together footage from a half dozen customer CIO shoots. It told our story cleanly and crisply.

Kenandy Salesforce1 Platform story. The old way of doing IT is broke. Marc Benioff showed this film to his staff so they’d understand exactly why the platform story was so important.

NEB Story. Connect everything and anything to transform your business. And inspire everyone to build apps.

Salesforce1 Platform. Who says you need words to explain the IT advantage of the world’s #1 cloud platform? It ran MOS at events.

"The Big Book"

"The Big Book"

Explaining what Salesforce1 Platform was important. Not just what was included, but how it gave your business advantages that no one else could offer. It was the first clear and simple guide that had been written for non-technical business decision makers and became the bar for Salesforce content.